Unreleased Songs (Rarities)

Over the years there have been many songs written by the band, some appear on records, some were discarded and some are only played at certain live shows. This, is a collection of songs by the band & remixes by others that have never made it onto official releases.

If you look around the net you'll see many people keep saying things like "Messy Enough is a new song" etc.
Well it isn't. It's an old song, a very old song. It's a song that hasn't featured on any albums, but has been played at almost every single live show since 2003! If you've seen the radio dept. live, you've almost certainly heard the song.

List of Songs

- Bound to Happen
- I Wanted You To Feel The Same (Devolve's House Edit)
- Lean Back, Lean Forward
- Let Me Have This (Demo)
- Lost and Found (Mount Ventoux Remix)
- Messy Enough
- Note For Bike Thrasher
- New Improvement
- The Hide Away

EP Artwork


Studio Versions of all these songs exist!
They're likely to be in the downloads section of the forum


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