Live In New York City (2009)

The Radio Dept. took time out of recording their third studio album (Clinging to a scheme) to play two special shows in New York City, USA. As part of NYC POPFEST 2009, the band headlined the Saturday May 16th show at the Bell House in Brooklyn. The show was a sell out and many people were unable to get tickets for the show
Luickily the show was recorded in it's entirity by a member of's community.

The show is avilable in a lower quality mp3 and a high quality flac lossless rip.

Set list

1. Intro
2. New Improvement
3. Freddie and The Trojan Horse
4. Pulling Our Weight
5. I Wanted You To Feel The Same
6. The Worst Taste In Music
7. 1995
8. Heaven's On Fire (Spring Time*)
9. Sleeping In
10. Where Damage Isn't Already Done
11. Why Won't You Talk About It?
12. Keen On Boys
13. Encore
14. Messy Enough

EP Artwork


Source: Cam
Format: mp3 / flac
Quality: Lossy 320bps mp3 / flac lossless
Recorded: 2009
Credits: Recorded by Quinn G.


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