Live in Lund, Sweden

Recorded on the 16th of May 2008, during the Radio Dept.'s performance at the Blekingska Nationen in Lund, Sweden.

Features 4 new songs and extra exerts of the forthcoming album. More details about the show can be found on the page

Set list

1. The Video Dept. - (Twilight)
2. Lost and Found
3. 1995
4. Four Months In The Shade (New Song #4)
5. Freddie & The Trojan Horse
6. Pulling Our Weight
7. New Improvement (New Song #2)
8. Domestic Scene (New Song #3)
9. I Wanted You To Feel The Same
10. Sleeping In
11. The Worst Taste In Music
12. Keen On Boys

EP Artwork


Source: Unknown
Format: mp3
Quality: 256 kbps cbr mp3
Recorded: 2008


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