Live in Lima, Peru

On the 28th of October 2006, The Radio Dept. a special one-off show in Lima, Peru.
They were accompanied by the Peruvian shoegaze band, 'Resplandor' and also released a split EP whilst on this short tour.

A member of The Radio Dept. forum, amnesico, recorded the entire show.
He videoed the show (you can see the footage on youtube) and also made mp3s of the show. This is, of course, a bootleg. The quality most certainly isn't the best, but its worth having.

Set list

1. It's Personal
2. Deliverance
3. Pet Grief
4. Ewan
5. Lost and Found
6. I Don't like It Like This
7. The Worst Taste In Music
8. Where Damage Isn't Already Done
9. I Wanted You To Feel The Same
10. Bus
11. 1995
12. The City Limits
13. This Past Week
14. Messy Enough
15. [Encore]
16. Why Won't You Talk About It?

EP Artwork


Source: Cam
Format: mp3
Quality: Lossy V0 mp3 (Lame 3.92)
Recorded: 2006
Credits: amnesico / Amnesic_kid


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