KEXP Radio Session

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In 2003 The Radio Dept. (Johan, Lisa, Daniel & Martin) played some shows in north America and popped into the KEXP studio for some self promotion.
An interview is conducted aswell as a live performance.
Live versions of Bus, Where Damage Isn't Already Done & 1995 are performed.

The full interview lasts for over 10 mins and allows the band to truly explain how they came to be, what their influences are and their thoughts about their music. It's a good interview and the session songs are great.

Set list

1. Interview [Intro]
2. Bus
3. Interview [Part 2]
3. Where Damage Isn't Already Done
4. Interview [Part 3]
5. 1995
6. Interview [Close]


Source: Soundboard
Format: Mp3
Quality: 128 cbr transcoded mp3
Recorded: 2003
Credits: KEXP Seattle


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