Annie Laurie EP - Review

Posted by thisisabadidea Sun, November 09, 2008

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1. Annie Laurie (4:58)

2. Bad Reputation (Rugar Mix) (2:40)

3. Falafal (1:32)

4. Tåget (0:56)

I never really gave this EP a chance until just recently. I'm pretty sure that a lot of people just listen to "Bad Reputation" and then kinda go on to something else, but the title song "Annie Laurie" is so amazing. Apparently I read that it is a cover and even further back it was a poem before that. I never knew that, but it kinda made it better for me. It's just a really beautiful song. Here is the Wikipedia entry for the poem.

"Tåget" is a short tasteful little song that is a look back at "We Would Fall Against The Tide." This song is so good, very short and sweet haha. And finally the song "Falafel" is a very strange song, kind of going back to sound and recording style of the "Where Damage Isn't Already Done EP." I'm not that big of a fan of this song, but I mean, its the Radio Dept. I love it.

But mainly I want to just stress that the main reason I wrote this thing is to get more people to listen to the song "Annie Laurie." And the guitar part near the very end just breaks my heart everytime I hear it. Please, please listen more.


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