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Review of Pet Grief by NME Magazine, England.

Review By Stephen Worthy:

"You don't have to be Cracker to spot the clues to The Radio Dept's state of mind when naming their second album 'Pet Grief'.

The two years since their debut 'Lesser Matters' made NME's Top 10 albums of 2004, these Swedes have changed line-up and been dumped by their label. Is it any wonder, then, that 'Pet Grief' is awash with melancholy - a sad haven for lyrics about betrayal, lost love and crushing disappointment?

So how come all this gloom makes such addictive listening? It's down to the music. Pet Shop Boys (Pet Grief'), New Order ('A Window') and My Bloody Valentine (the near joyful fuzz'n'swell of 'Every Time') are obvious references. Amid all the darkness, shines a bright light."

Pet Grief: 7 / 10

Posted by thisisabadidea Sun, November 09, 2008

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1. Annie Laurie (4:58)

2. Bad Reputation (Rugar Mix) (2:40)

3. Falafal (1:32)

4. Tåget (0:56)

I never really gave this EP a chance until just recently. I'm pretty sure that a lot of people just listen to "Bad Reputation" and then kinda go on to something else, but the title song "Annie Laurie" is so amazing. Apparently I read that it is a cover and even further back it was a poem before that. I never knew that, but it kinda made it better for me. It's just a really beautiful song. Here is the Wikipedia entry for the poem.

"Tåget" is a short tasteful little song that is a look back at "We Would Fall Against The Tide." This song is so good, very short and sweet haha. And finally the song "Falafel" is a very strange song, kind of going back to sound and recording style of the "Where Damage Isn't Already Done EP." I'm not that big of a fan of this song, but I mean, its the Radio Dept. I love it.

But mainly I want to just stress that the main reason I wrote this thing is to get more people to listen to the song "Annie Laurie." And the guitar part near the very end just breaks my heart everytime I hear it. Please, please listen more.