We Made The Team (Digital MP3 single)

We Made The Team (Digital MP3 single)

Background Information

This is one of The Radio Dept's more controversial songs.
To fully understand this release you must understand the climate in which it was recorded. In 2006, after the release of 'Pet Grief' & 'Marie Antoinette', The Radio Dept. found themselves subjected to intense media attention. Alot of magazines & publications were jumping on the bandwagon. Most notably was an article by the 'Guardian' (UK newspaper), which talked about the influx of Swedish indie bands to the UK during 2006. The Radio Dept were featured alongside bands like I'm From Barcelona, SKWBN, Club 8, Sambassadeur & Peter Bjorn and John.
The main problem with the article, from the perspective from The Radio Dept, was that The Radio Dept don't consider themselves connected ideologically or musically to any of those bands or the Labrador record label. The band felt pigeon holed, which on its own is bad, but pigeon holed with bands that The Radio Dept don't like (IFB), was crossing the line.
Aswell as this article, the band were being forced to play all sorts of shows, do lots of promotion and just generally being made to do things that they weren't comfortable with.
As a result alot of hostility was shown towards the media and Labrador records. Johan Duncanson was very vocal about his feelings towards Labrador & the media and would talk about his feelings during live shows.

In a controversial move to bite the hands that feeds you, The Radio Dept. worked on and quickly released this mp3 single that addressed the fact that the band had now, according to the media, become part of the 'Swedish indie pop TEAM/scene'.
The song also references the apparent lazy journalism involved in articles like the one in the Guardian.

Read the original Guardian article here
view the lyrics for this song here


(MP3 Single)

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Track list

1. We Made The Team (3:29)





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Release Information

Label: Labrador
Catalogue Number: DLAB0002
Format: MP3 Single
Country: WORLD
Released: 2006
Credits: The Radio Department:
Martin Larsson - Guitars, Keyboards & Bass Guitar
Johan Duncanson - Keyboards, Guitars and Vocals
Daniel Tjäder -Keyboards.


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