Freddie and the Trojan Horse (EP | Single / CD / 7" Japanese Ltd. Edition Vinyl LP)

Freddie and the Trojan Horse (EP | Single / CD / 7 inch Japanese Ltd. Edition Vinyl LP)

Background Information

Initially intended as a record to fill the void in-between Radio Dept albums, Freddie & the Trojan Horse developed into a fresh new direction for the Radio Dept.
This record takes alot from & pays homage to another great influence on the band, Krautrock. The electronic movement in Germany of the 70s gave birth to all electronic music as we know it. Bands like NEU!, Faust and Kraftwerk, who without question were pioneers before their time, used synthesisers, innovative drum patterns & a futuristic outlook to produce music that's still relevant today.
The Radio Dept have incorporated those Krautrock philosophies & elements in this record and fused them with their own style of electronic music. The result is Freddie & the Trojan Horse

The title track will appear on the upcoming Radio Dept album (expected in 2009). the next two songs use the beats & rhythms associated with krautrock but in a new, modern, Radio Dept way. The 4th track is a distortion heavy extension/remix of Closing Scene.

In 2009 Labrador records struck a deal with the Japanese based label 'Every Conversation Records' to release this record exclusively in Japan. The deal was for a limited run of 7 inch vinyl singles to be sold in Japan and only in Japan. Currently there's only been 200 records printed.


(CD EP / 7" Single)

Available directly from Labrador records on CD
This is currently available to most countries on CD, but the vinyl record is only available in Japan.

Track list

1. Freddie and The Trojan Horse (3:14)

2. Closing Scene (4:16)

3. The Room, Tarzana (2:34)

4. Closing Scene pt. 2 (2:11)

A. Freddie And The Trojan Horse

B. Closing Scene


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Release Information

Label: Labrador / Every Conversation Records
Catalogue Number: LAB111 / EVERY021
Format: CD-EP / 7" Vinyl
Country: Europe / Japan
Released: 2008 / 2009
Credits: Daniel Tjäder - Keyboard
Johan Duncanson - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars
Martin Carlberg - Guitars, Bass Guitar, Keyboards
Notes: Produced and mixed by Johan Duncanson and Martin Carlberg.
Mastered by Johan Berlund.
Sleeve by Johan Duncanson and Mattias Berlund.

(P) 2008 Labrador
EVERY021 (C) 2009 Every Conversation Records


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