Ice & Snow: A Swedish Pop Compilation (Compilation CD - Philippines Exclusive)

" Universal Records is proud to announce the release of ICE & SNOW. This PHILIPPINES-ONLY CD Release is a collection of songs from Sweden's finest indie pop acts as compiled by Club 8's Johan Angergard. Featuring new tracks from Club 8, Pelle Carlberg, The Radio Dept., Suburban Kids With Biblical Names as well as songs from The Sound Of Arrows, The Legends, [ingenting], Loveninjas, Sambassadeur, Irene, South Ambulance, The Mary Onettes, Wan Light and Johan Hedberg "

The Radio Dept.'s Freddie & The Trojan Horse, will feature on this compilation.



Available on CD and only in the Philippines

Track list

1. The Sound Of Arrows - Danger!

2. The Legends - Darling

3. [ingenting] - Här Kommer Solen

4. Club 8 - What I’m Dreaming Of Is Something I Could Have

5. Pelle Carlberg - 1983 (Pelle & Sebastian)

6. Loveninjas - Little Black Friends

7. Sambassadeur - Final Say

8. The Radio Dept. - Freddie And The Trojan Horse

9. Irene - Little Lovin’

10. Johan Hedberg - Grammisgalan

11. South Ambulance - Trolleys In The Summersky

12. The Mary Onettes - Pleasure Songs

13. Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - God Save Roger Nichols

14. Wan Light - That Grim Reality

Ice & Snow: A Swedish Pop Compilation: Artwork





Release Information

Label: Universal Records / Labrador
Catalogue Number:
Format: CD
Released: 2008
Credits: This compilation (p) & (c) 'Universal Records'
Notes: The Radio Dept. songs under exclusive license from Labrador Records.


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