Pet Grief

Pet Grief (Album: CD / 12 inch Vinyl LP - Japanese Bonus)

Background Information

Pet Grief was initially released on Labrador in early 2006. The band were reluctant to promote or do any tours for the album, as a consequence it made little waves around the world.
This changed in the summer of 2006, when deals were made for UK, American and Japanese distribution for the record. Track & Field promoted the album in the UK and lined up several special shows for the band. Darla & Pony Canyon came along to distribute & promote the album in America & Japan respectively.

On this album The Radio Dept were Johan Duncanson, Martin Larsson & Daniel Tjäder.
The band made a conscience decision to steer clear of the shoegaze tag and just concentrate on melodic pop. Gone were the heavily distorted walls of sound & drowned vocals, in its place were soft synthesisers and melodic vocals.
Pet Grief received a mix reception from music magazines. Some praising it, some disappointed by the new direction. The NME gave the album 7/10 (you can read the full review here).


(CD / Vinyl)

This was available on Vinyl and on CD.
It was originally only released in Europe, but by 2007 had world distribution

Track list

1. It's Personal (3:38)
2. Pet Grief (3:10)
3. A Window (3:28)
4. I Wanted You To Feel The Same (2:31)
5. South Side (1:17)
6. The Worst Taste In Music [Extended] (3:21)
7. Every Time (3:44)
8. What Will Give? (4:31)
9. Gibraltar (1:35)
10. Sleeping In (3:32)
11. Tell (3:10)
12. Always A Relief (3:21)
13. Pulling Our Weight (3:21) - Bonus (Jap)
14. I Don't Like It Like This (4:13) - Bonus (Jap)



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Release Information

Label: Labrador / Track & Field / Darla / Pony Canyon
Catalogue Number: LAB095 / LAB-LP 10458 / Heat 43
Format: CD / 12" Vinyl
Country: Sweden / Europe / N. America / Japan
Released: 2006
Credits: Songs by Duncansson except "Pet Grief" & "A Window" by Duncanson/Larsson. "What will give?" by Tjäder/Duncanson/Larsson, "Gibraltar" by Tjäder and "Tell" by Duncanson/Weiland.
Lyrics by Duncanson.
The Radio Department:
Martin Larsson - Guitars, Keyboards & Bass Guitar
Johan Duncanson - Keyboards, Guitars and Vocals
Daniel Tjäder -Keyboards.
Drums used on "A Window" is an exert from a longer piece performed by Per Blomgren.
Cover photo by Alan Duncanson, inside photo by Goran Olsson.
Notes: Produced and mixed by Johan Duncanson and Martin Larsson in Bjornstrop, Malmö and gubbangen. (P) & (C) 2007 Track & Field
Under exclusive license from Labrador Records.


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