The New Improved Hypocrisy - New Song (Free Download & lyrics)

The New Improved Hypocrisy - New Song (Free Download)

New FREE mp3 download

The Radio Dept. have recorded and released a brand new song for free download. It's called The New Improved Hypocrisy and is available as of today.

Most fans already know this song as it has been performed live since 2008 and features on the Live in Lund, Live in Moscow and Live in New York bootleg recordings which are freely available to download on this site.

The song, lyrics and title has evolved over the years from 'new improved' to 'new improvement' and now finally The New Improved Hypocrisy.


Click here for The New Improved Hypocrisy lyrics

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Reallocating property
We engender transformation
We’re not concerned with poverty
Just the rebirth of a nation
No time for hesitation
Not even on occasion

This will be our legacy:
A vengeful population
It’s part of our conspiracy
And our motivation
And who needs integration
When we’ve got isolation?
It’s the rebirth of a nation
The rebirth of a nation

We don’t mind democracy
We have our ways around it
This new improved hypocrisy
Will help us to impound it
An old school education
Will show this generation


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0 #5 Guest 2011-05-22 11:10
8) :lol: wow you guys are super COOL!
0 #4 Guest 2010-09-21 09:11
yes!!! what about the gig in rome that has been cancelled?! there's no mention of passing by in italy in RD's autumn tour!!! pleeeeeez!
0 #3 avalor78 2010-09-18 16:58
Yet another masterpiece, waiting for CD single and next tour in Rome.
0 #2 Guest 2010-09-18 08:58
:-) Me gusta, como todo lo que hacen
0 #1 Guest 2010-09-16 07:29
7" please?

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