Two more band interviews have been added to the site.

The first:

An older interview taken by Matt Walton, a journalist for the BBC (UK). This was an interview conducted just after Lesser Matters was released in the UK through XL Records.
The article explores the Radio Dept.'s early sound and their early shoegaze influences.

You can read the full article & interview here.

The second:
This is a more recent interview conducted some time last month, It was taken by a member and blogger on the ca-va-cool website.
In this interview each member of the band give their own opinion of their sound, the bands history and more importantly, where the band are headed. Some insight into the forthcoming album (Clinging to a scheme) is given, but unfortunately no concrete information regarding a release date or the tracklist for the record is given. Something that the band haven't really done before is give an explanation to or in-depth insight into the lyrics and themes of their songs, this is a stance that's abandoned in this interview, as the controversial topic that is 'Freddie & the Trojan Horse', is finally explained and explored.

Read the full interview here. you can now discuss this interview in the forum.


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