Due to popular demand Labrador records have arranged for 2 more Radio Dept. records to be released on vinyl.

DAVID - 12" LP (Pre-Order)

David will also be released on 12" vinyl through Every Conversation Records. The deal that labrador records struck with Every Conversations Records means that the vinyl record is limited to a small print run and only available from Japan. The 12" record will be available from November 2009. The exact shipping date has yet to be confirmed, but pre-orders are being accepted by Every Conversations Records.

A1. David
A2. Messy Enough
B1. David (The Rice Twins remix)
B2. The Idle Urban Contemporaries

JPY1,890(tax excluded)
JPY1,985 (including japanese tax)


(you'll be taken to Escalator Records' official and trusted checkout)

More details about this can be found here.

FREDDIE & THE TROJAN HORSE - Ltd Edition 7" vinyl

In an effort to celebrate the 3 year anniversary of the Radio Dept's special performance in Lima (Peru), you can now download a high quality version of the Resplandor split EP.

The EP was given out freely to those who had pre-ordered tickets for the Lima show. It features 2 songs by the Radio Dept. and 2 songs by Resplandor.

1. The Worst Taste In Music (3:21)
2. A Window (3:30)
3. Solar (5:52) - Resplandor
4. Oeste (5:08) - Resplandor

More details about this can be found here.

The Radio Dept.'s new single, DAVID, is now available to pre-order from labrador.
The currently costs €6, $8.50, £5.20 (depending on the rate of exchange).
Currently, payment can only be made through paypal, which is a service that accepts debit card, credit card and e-cheque paypemts.

By clicking on the link below, you'll be taken to paypals SECURE checkout and the official checkout for Labrador Records.

1. Intro
2. New Improved..
3. Freddie and The Trojan Horse
4. Pulling Our Weight
5. I Wanted You To Feel The Same
6. The Worst Taste In Music
7. 1995
8. Spring Time
9. Sleeping In
10. Where Damage Isn't Already Done
11. Why Won't You Talk About It?
12. Keen On Boys
13. Encore
14. Messy Enough

The Radio Dept. took time out of recording their third studio album (Clinging to a scheme) to play two special shows in New York City, USA. As part of NYC POPFEST 2009, the band headlined the Saturday May 16th show at the Bell House in Brooklyn. The show was a sell out and many people were unable to get tickets for the show
Luckily the show was recorded in it's entirety by a member of theradiodept.com's community.

The show is available in a lower quality mp3 and a high quality flac lossless rip.

The mp3's can be downloaded here or below and the flac lossless files can ONLY be downloaded by active members of this site/community.

The Radio Dept. are working on their third, to say the long-awaited, album "Clinging to a scheme" which should be on record and hard drives in autumn 2009. To avoid this long wait the band will release a new single "David" on the 24th June. "David" may contain everything that is good with music, a mixtape on everything you ever liked, modernised and condensed into 3 minutes and 35 seconds. A new world sound.

You can download the mp3 here, for the time being and it's completely free!