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The "fanzone" section of the site has been re-branded and updated.
It's now called the Fan Blog. The principles of that section are still the same, but there are a few changes.

- Registration is now mandatory if you want to use the blog. This means no more anonymous posts or spamming.
- Posting/contributing to the blog goes towards your status as an active forum member.
- Certain members of the band check & post in it regularly. So if you have a question or anything interesting to say, please do so in the blog aswell as the forum.
- Over the next week all the issues with access will be fixed. So if you're waiting, you should get an email in a the next few days.

A new feature of the blog, gallery and generally this whole site is the ability to share what you see and hear with other people on other sites. You'll notice the share button in a few places, that will allow you to quickly link or post things on other sites such as facebook, myspace, bebo etc.

More exclusive and rare downloads have been added to the downloads section of the forum. If you want to know what they are or want to download, you'll have to contribute and be an active member of this site/community.


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