Sowing Seeds Was A Great Success!

The hour: 7pm, The place: Old street - London, The streets: Invaded by shoegaze fans.
This was the scene just before the Legion opened their doors and allowed the long queue that had formed outside, to filter into the venue.
Alot of effort had been put into making the venue ready for a special night.
Balloons, glitter, flowers & moody lighting made the venue look like a cover from a 'My Bloody Valentine' or 'Ride' album.
Playing on the big screen above the stage was 70's psychedelic films and the DJ was playing 'Souvlaki' by 'Slowdive'

Later than planned, Fields took the stage and played a shoegaze come folk brand of psychedelic rock. They were followed by French band, 'Cyann and Ben'.
Cyann and Ben played alot of classics from their early EP's and produced a sound similar to bands like 'Sonic Youth' and 'Mogwai'.
Somewhat later than planned, infact the only down point about the night, was that the Radio Dept. got on stage incredibly late.
They played a solid set. Ewan, Messy Enough & Why Won't You Talk About It? received great cheers from the crowd.
The show ended at about 1am, a full 2 hours late, which meant that some fans had to leave early (to get the last trains/buses).
Overall, the night was a success.


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